7 Web Design Principles That Are Non-Negotiable When Creating A New Website

With web design, as with any field which requires expertise, there are certain core principles that exist. These principles are so important that they are non-negotiable if any website design is going to come anywhere close to achieving its aims. In other words, these principles are non-negotiable, not for a clients and for website designers.

What we are saying is that even if a business owner wants their web designer to cut corners and create a website that does not adhere to these web design principles, the web designer should refuse. Likewise, when a business owner employs a website designer or web design agency, any hint that they are going to skip on some of these principles should be seen as a red flag. Here are those 7 web design principles, in no particular order as none is more important than another.

#1: Page Loading Speeds Should Be Fast: Nothing will kill a website’s effectiveness and Google rankings more than pages that load slowly. Visitors hate it and click away, and Google knows when it is happening and subsequently downgrades that website’s ranking. Avoiding functions that are not necessary, optimising image sizes and ensuring that you choose quality hosting are just a few of the steps you can take to ensure that your website loads quickly.