7 Key Factors To Evaluate For Mobile SEO

Any business owner hoping to improve the traffic their website receives by using SEO should know that multiple optimizations must be assessed and implemented. Some are minor and take a matter of seconds, others are more comprehensive and in reality, can take several weeks for Google’s algorithm to recognise them.

Of all the SEO that might be carried out, with the massive growth in the use of mobile devices in recent years, it has come to the point where optimizing for mobile has as much, and arguably, more importance than optimizing for desktop PCs. What this means for your SEO efforts is that you must implement mobile SEO, otherwise you are effectively telling Google that you are happy that over 50% of searches will not see your website appear.

That might seem like a stark warning, but it is given in the hope that if you have not already, you soon appreciate that mobile SEO is essential. To give you some help in ensuring your website is optimised for mobile SEO, here are 7 of the key SEO factors that you should focus on.

Factor #1: Ensure Pages Open Instantly

If your website has even a fraction of a second delay in opening any pages on mobile devices, it is effectively dead in the water. Not only do mobile users expect instant gratification i.e. pages opening instantaneously, but Google will also frown upon slow page opening too, and that means your rankings plummet.