What Are The Benefits Of Using A Drag & Drop WordPress Theme?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Drag & Drop WordPress Theme

Historically, web development was a field best left to computer scientists and professional coders. However, the rise of revolutionary content management platforms like WordPress has made the internet a lot more accessible to the average person. Today, virtually anyone can build their own website without any coding experience or prior knowledge of web development.

Over the past couple of years drag and drop website builders have become increasingly popular. They offer increased flexibility and customizability, allowing people to create fully customised websites in a matter of hours.

In the following article we will look at the benefits of using drag and drop WordPress themes, informing your decision and helping you choose the perfect theme for your site.

What Is A Drag & Drop Website Builder?

To keep things simple, a drag and drop website builder is one which allows you to place web elements in whatever position you want. Unlike traditional WordPress themes, drag and drop themes allow you to add new elements, to move elements around as needed and to customise the shape and size of elements without having to write a single line of code. This makes website building simpler than it’s ever been before, and therefore makes web development accessible to the average person.

Now, onto a few benefits:

Drag & Drop Editors Require Zero Coding Knowledge

Although the same could be said about a suite of WordPress themes, the beauty of using drag and drop editors is that they can be fully customised without any coding knowledge. Most standard themes are relatively inflexible, and largely dictate the position, size and shape of web page elements.

Elements Are Grouped Into Blocks

As the name ‘drag and drop’ suggests, most drag and drop editors allow you to move different elements of your website around individually. Elements can be grouped into ‘blocks’, duplicated or copied and customised in a range of different ways.

Most Drag & Drop Themes Offer High Functionality

In the past, the best way to add functionality to your website was to install plugins. Plugins can be expensive, and they have the potential to slow your page speed down significantly if they’re not used right.

Most drag and drop editors offer full functionality which effectively eliminates the need for costly, time consuming plugins. Elements like tables of contents, call to action buttons and social share buttons can be added at the click of the button, and can be customised and positioned however and wherever you want.

Final Word

Drag and drop themes are arguably the best way for complete beginners to build their own WordPress website. They are fully customisable, usually require zero coding knowledge and come with a range of different functions.

There are numerous different drag and drop themes available for WordPress sites, so it’s important to make sure that you do your research and choose one which suits your needs. Good luck, and have fun!